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Duravit D-Code Soaking Tub by Duravit

Item # 700095000000090 Model Number: 700095000000090

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Bubbles, water, warmth, wellbeing – there’s nothing like a hot bath. But it’s even more pleasurable if you can stretch out in a genuine designer bathtub. D-Code makes this extravagant luxury affordable with an elegant selection of bathtubs to match the rest of the range at a genuine entry-level price. There is only one thing that money can’t buy – the peace, relaxation and comfort to be found in D-Code bathtubs.
Good news for those who use a tub both for bathing and showering. D-Code has two seaters with an inclined backrest (1700 x 700 cm and 1700 x 750 cm) with classic outlet at the feet or centred, conveniently out of the way for showering.
Variety and choice are the characteristic features of the D-Code bathtub programme. There are nine models to choose from: seven rectangular versions of different sizes, a corner version and a hexagonal model. Wellbeing options include Duravit’s specially designed low-price electronic whirlpool system. And once again the D-Code design is consistently present throughout. Wellness for the eye and for the entire body.

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