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Geberit In-Wall Toilet Carrier 111.335.00.5 by Geberit

Item # 111.335.00.5 Model Number: 111.335.00.5


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Geberit/Duravit In-wall Carrier For Wall Mounted Toilets- 111335001/111335005

HOW TO INSTALL? - Take a look at the video next to this listing.
These wall carriers are manufactured for Duravit by Geberit.
 The Geberit concealed installation system - also known as an in-wall carrier - allows you to design and create the bathroom of your dreams!
In-wall carrier systems allow designers to create eye-catching new bathrooms from the bare minimum without expensive structural work.
 The frame system can be used in the tightest of spaces including corners, allowing designers the freedom to create stunning bathrooms without compromise. Because the carrier includes an integral water tank located behind the wall, the resultant aesthetic is a clean and modern finish with no visible pipe work. Only the attractive decorative actuator plate attached to wall remains visible.

Toilet carriers have been tested to withstand a maximum load of 880 lbs. In addition, the actuators plates are removable for maintenance access to the concealed tank and flushing mechanism.
Recommended for 6" all installation. If you choose to use a 2" x 4" installation, a partial amount of this unit will stick out of the backside and is not the recommended choice. Please call with questions or use product inquiry.

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