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ABS:Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Black plastic used in the manufacture of DWV (drain, waste, and vent) pipe.
ACRYLIC:A glassy thermoplastic vacuum-formed onto cast and molded shapes to form the surface of fiberglass bathtubs, whirlpools, shower bases, and shower stalls. Do not confuse with gelcoat.
ACTUATOR BUTTON:Located on left side of tank or in center of tank cover. Button is depressed to active flushing cycle.
ADA:Americans with Disabilities Act. A government criteria mandating how buildings must be constructed in order to serve the needs of disabled people.
ADJUSTABLE HOT LIMIT STOP:Restricts hot water output to protect against scalding by limiting the swing to the hot side.
AERATOR:Device for oxygenating water, filling the water flow with air bubbles. On kitchen faucets, it enables a faucet to provide different flows of water, from stream to spray.
AIR CHECK:A device that allows water, but not air, to pass through it. An air check is a typical component of a treatment system using a regenerant eductor.
AIR GAP:A device mounted at the back of a kitchen sink connecting to the drain line between a dishwasher and disposer to allow the dishwasher to discharge freely into the disposer while preventing contaminated water from siphoning back into the dishwasher.
AIR LOCK:Blockage in the flow of liquid, esp. on the suction side of a pump caused by an air bubble in the line.
AIR VOLUME CONTROL:Maintains the air charge in a standard water storage tank. Pre-charged tanks do not require an air volume control.
ALPHASAN:Used by American Standard. The patented antimicrobial agent used in StayClean whirlpools that inhibits the growth of bacteria & fungi that cause odors & discoloration, as well as deterioration and decay of whirlpool plumbing.
AMERICAST:Used by American Standard. Patented process that bonds a high-quality porcelain enamel surface with a high quality metaland a molded reinforcement material backing. A lighter, more durable alternative to cast iron.
ANGLE ADJUSTER:Hand controlled directional device controlling handshower flow direction.
ANGLE STOP:A shutoff valve between the water pipes and a faucet. Its inlet connects to the water supply pipe in a wall and its outlet 'angles' up 90 degrees toward the faucet, toilet, or bidet.
ANSI:American National Standards Act.
ANTI-MICROBIAL TOILET SEATS:Anti-microbial solid plastic toilet seats include an anti-microbial agent which is formed into the plastic. The germ-fighting properties of the agent continue to rise to the surface over time and inhibit bacteria and germ growth on the seat.
APRON:The front cover on some bathtubs between the floor and the top and the end walls.
APRON-FRONT:Apron-front sinks are designed with a stylish panel of color in front and are available in both tile-in and undercounter models.
AQUAMARINE GLASS:by Kohler - A watery blue glass color reminiscent of the ocean.
ARTIST EDITIONS:by Kohler - Collection of fixtures, faucet trim and accessories with decorated and textured surfaces. Kohler offers more than 20 different Artist Editions designs to inspire creativity in the bathroom or kitchen.
AUTHORIZED SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE:by Kohler - Kohler-certified repair technician to whom equipment repairs should be directed.

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BACKFLOW:When water traveling from one system backs into any part of the main distribution system, usually by siphoning.
BACK FLOW PREVENTER:A device to prevent backflow, esp. into a potable water supply. Required for sprinkler systems, handheld showers, pullout faucet spouts, kitchen sprayers, etc.
BACK PRESSURE:Pressure that resists the flow of fluid in a piping system.
BACK-TO-BACK CARTRIDGE:by American Standard - For use when you have two bathrooms showers back to back This cartridge keeps you from having to replumb your hot & cold lines supply lines in one of the showers (it internally has hot & cold reversed).
BACKWATER VALVE:Sewer line valve that prevents sewage from flowing back into the house.
BACKSPLASH:A raised integral portion of a wall mount sink or lavatory located at the rear to protect the wall.
BALLCOCK:The mechanism that controls the flow of water into a gravity-operated toilet tank. The ballcock is controlled by the float mechanism floating in the water in the tank. When the toilet is flushed, the float drops and opens the ballcock, allowing water to enter the tank and/or bowl. The float rises as the water level in the tank is restored, and shuts off the ballcock when the tank is completely filled. Also referred to as a float valve.
BALL JOINT:Spherical assembly allowing pivot rotations for showerheads.
BALL PASSAGE:Refers to the size of a ball that can pass through the trapway of a toilet. Standards are established based on minimum-sized ball passage. Ball passage also relates to trapway size. Generally speaking, the size of the trap will be 1/8 larger than the maximum-sized ball that can pass through it.
BARRIER-FREEA feature that provides better accessibility in the bathroom barrier-free sinks craft an indentation on the front, allowing closer, easy access barrier-free showers implement a low receptor lip for a smooth, easy transition in and out of the shower.
BASE FAUCET:Part of lavatory faucet that includes the spout, valve bodies, and drain assembly. Does not include handles, which are sold separately as part of the handle kit. For bath faucets, the base valve does not include the faceplate, handle, showerhead, or spout.
BASIN:A circular vessel with slopping or curving sides for holding water for washing.
BASIN RACK:A wire rack shaped to fit the bottom of a sink basin used to dry or store items off the basin floor.
BASKET STRAINER:Basket shaped strainer with holes and a slot that fits the kitchen sink drain allowing water to run out while catching food or other solids. Can also be closed to fill the sink with water.
BATCH FEED:Type of garbage disposal in which garbage is fed into unit one load at a time, then activated by placing the stopper into the drain opening.
BATH / RIM MOUNT:Term used to describe a faucet mounted directly on an integral bathtub faucet ledge.
BATH WASTE:Remote control drain for tubs involving internal plugging mechanisms as opposed to a "pop-up" type drain. Also known as "trip lever drain".
BEDPAN CLOSET:Toilet-like fixture used for disposing of bedpan contents. Also known as a "clinic service sink" or "flushing rim sink".
BEDPAN WASHER:Faucet used in conjunction with a conventional toilet for washing bedpans. The most common types are "hose" and "swing down".
BEESWAX:by Kohler - Combines shades of gold with a "crackle" finish. It is a soft color the can make a statement or act as an accent.
BEVERAGE FAUCET:A curved faucet that dispenses clean, filtered drinking water, many times accompanying an entertainment sink.
BIDET:A plumbing fixture similar to a toilet bowl used for washing genitals and posterior areas of the body. It is floor mounted, ususally next to a toilet, and incorporates a washing basin, faucet and sprayer.
BISQUE:Unglazed areas of vitreous china fixtures, such as inside the tank or on the bottom of the bowl foot, have a bisque finish.
BLACK'N TAN:by Kohler - The new Black n Tan color by Kohler, available on select KOHLER Cast Iron undercounter kitchen sinks and bathroom lavatories, evokes a three-dimensional, glossy stone-like appearance. Created by a multifaceted, hot-dust enameling process that results in a smooth surface texture, this color is characterized by an individually unique, translucent spectrum of lighter and darker brown tones. Black n Tan undercounter kitchen sinks and bathroom lavatories complement understated, neutral hues as well as warm, vibrant color schemes.
BLANCOPRECISION SINKS:by Blanco - Truly handcrafted from a single panel of premium quality stainless steel, each sink features extraordinary fit and finish with zero radius bowls and a near seamless appearance.
BLOWOUT:A flushing design using a non-siphoning trapway at the rear of the bowl, and an integral flushing rim, relying entirely on high water volume.
BODY:Basic housing that allows you to build your faucet for specific applications.
BODY JET VALVES:For 8-Jet BodySpa, serviceable components used to manually select the desired Body Jet array(s).
BODY JETS:BodySpa serviceable components positioned vertically on the tower to provide full body hydro-massage effects.
BODYSPA:by Kohler - a personal hydro-massage system. Take a series of whirlpool jets, arrange them vertically in a shower-like enclosure, then instead of pushing water through water (as in a whirlpool), propel it through the air.
BODYSPRAY:Shower component used in conjunction with a showerhead to deliver flow of water. It is commonly used in multiples to create a custom showering space. Kohler offers three different fully adjustable bodyspray models which deliver a variety of sprays: full-flow, pulsating or soft-aerated.
BOWL:A water-containing receptor that receives liquid and solid body waste two general bowl classifications are round-front and elongated.
BRAIDED HOSE:Flexible connecting hose.
BRILLIANCE:by Delta Faucet - Delta revolutionized the faucet industry with the introduction of its patented Brilliance? anti-tarnish finish. The first company to use Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology to create decorative finish options, Delta guarantees its Brilliance finishes for life to never tarnish, corrode or discolor.
BUBBLER:Drinking faucet with flow-regulated push-button self-closing valve. Also known as a "water fountain".
BUSHING:A pipe fitting threaded on the inside & out used to join two pipes of different sizes.
BYPASS DOOR:Type of shower door that consists of two or more panels running in parallel tracks.
BUTTERFLY VALVE:A serviceable valve that allows water to flow through it when open, and stops the water flow when closed.

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CARTRIDGE:Typically refers to a valve cartridge. It is a single-piece unit that replaces the use of separate seats, stems, and seals for water-flow control.
CASHMERE (COLOR):by Kohler - A warm and inviting color inspired by the earth. This organic look features a matte finish complemented by natural flecks of color.
CAST IRON:Metal which is formed by casting on molds to make some plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, lavatories and sinks. The iron form is then coated with enamel. Also DWV sewer pipe. by Kohler - Material used to manufacture such plumbing fixtures as sinks, bathtubs and lavatories. Iron is formed by molding it while it is in a molten state. It is then coated with an enamel powder which contains pigments to provide fixture color and is fired at extremely high temperatures. This melts and fuses the enamel into a glass-like coating. Kohler Cast Iron will retain its beauty and durability for 50 years or more, making it truly a "once for a lifetime" purchase.
CEILING-MOUNT BATH FILLERA small, circular nozzle mounted directly above the bath, gracefully trickling water from the ceiling.
CELCON NUT:Connectors used to hand-tighten faucets to lavatory from underside of lavatory.
CENTERSET:A style of bathroom lavatory faucet having combined spout and handles. Handles are 4" from center of handle-to-handle. Also a single handle faucet installed on 4" center-to-center faucet holes.
CENTERSPREAD:Bathroom faucet which installs into fixture holes set 4" apart like a centerset faucet, but with the waterway between the two handles and the spout concealed below the lavatory deck.
CERAMIC CARTRIDGE:A self-contained cartridge housing two ceramic discs. Full-on / full-off with 1/4 turn of the handle.
CERAMIC TRIM:by Kohler - Refers to coordinating, decorative ceramic trim which may be added to faucet handles. Color-matched or patterned ceramic faucet trim, like that found in Kohler's Artist Edition collection, makes it easy to create a designer look in any bath or powder room.
CERAMIC VALVE:Single cartridge, washerless valving system which uses ceramic discs to control water flow. Considered the hardest, most reliable valving material in the industry.
CHECK STOP:Shut-off valve used with tub/shower faucets that is activated by turning a slotted stem with a screwdriver. Also known as a "screwdriver stop" or a "service stop".
CHECK VALVE:A type of backflow preventer installed in a pipe that allows water to flow in only one direction.
CHINA:A material made from a clay and water mixture, coated with liquid glaze and fired under extremely high temperature to form a hard, scratch and stain-resistant surface.
CHINA SINKS:That type of sinks is used exclusively in bathrooms area. They come in multiple colors. The advantage of china over cast iron is its ability to be molded into various shapes and you can use abrasive cleaners on it.
CHROMATHERAPYA system of directing light sequences on or around the body to promote relaxation.
CISTERN:An artifical reservoir for storing water. A toilet tank. This term is usually used in England. (Picture)
CLAY (COLOR):by Kohler - A warm and inviting color inspired by the earth. This organic look features a matte finish complemented by natural flecks of color.
CLOSE-COUPLED (TOILET):A modern style two-piece toilet which is configured of a separate tank and bowl. The tank is "coupled" "closely" (directly) to the bowl by bolts and a gasket. This term is to distinguish from old style low-tank toilets where the tank mounted on the wall, above and behind the bowl and was connected by a pipe called a flush ell.
CLOSET FLANGE:Component used to connect outlet of water closet to the drainage waste vent (DWV) system and to mount the fixture to the floor.
CLOSET RISER:Flexible supply tube with flat end used to make the final supply connection to ballcock (toilet fill valve).
CLOSET SEAT:Toilet seat. A rim placed over a toilet as a seating surface.
CLOSET TUBE:A water supply tube used for toilets.
COBALT GLASS (COLOR):by Kohler - A traditional blue glass color.
COCK:A faucet or valve for regulating the flow of water.
COCKHOLE COVER:A round cover-plate or disk installed on a sink to cover an unused faucet hole. Also known as "faucet hole cover".
COMMODE:An arcahic style of toilet. A box-like structure holding a chamber pot under an open seat. Sometimes slang for "toilet".
COMPOSITE:Composite sinks made from high-tech, high-strength, color- impregnated that resists shipping and scratching.
COMPRESSION FITTING:A kind of tubing or pipe connection where a nut and a sleeve or ferrule is placed over a copper or plastic tube and is compressed tightly around the tube as the nut is tightened forming a positive grip and seal without soldering.
COMPRESSION VALVE:Term used to describe a faucet valve in which the flow of water is shut off by means of a washer that is forced down onto its seat.
CONCEALED ARM CARRIER:Used to securely mount a wall mount lavatory. Unlike a hanger which only supports the lavatory where it meets the wall, the carrier has long arms onto which the lavatory slides.
CONCEALED TRAPWAY:This feature provides a clean transition at the back of the toilet base, hiding the trapway for aesthetic and cleanability purposes.
CONICAL SPONGE WASHER:Sealing washer on urinal between outlet connection at the wall and the china to make a watertight seal.
CONNECTING ROD:Also known as lift rod. The rod that causes the drain to close when lifted.
CONSOLE LAV:A table-like fixture with an integral lavatory. The back is fixed to a wall and the front is supported by consoles (brackets) or legs.
CONTEMPORARY (STYLE):by Kohler - Style of KOHLER product with modern appeal. Sharp design lines accent faucets and fixtures in unconventional shapes, sizes and colors.
CONTINUOUS FEED:Wall switch activated type of garbage disposer in which garbage is fed into the unit while running.
COPPER VERDE:by Kohler - A translucent green reminiscent of historically-made Hungarian folk art. Works well as an accent color in any natural setting. Features a "want to touch" it quality.
COUNTERTOP SINK:Style of lavatory which drops in or adapts to a cutout in the countertop.
COUPLING:Straight, sleeve-like fitting with female connections at both ends.
COVER:The top portion of a toilet seat. Also the top lid on a toilet's tank.
CWT:Copper Water Tube
CYCLE TIME:The time it takes from the instant a toilet flush lever is actuated until the instant the water supply shuts off, completing the flush cycle.

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DAM:The barrier built into the trapway of a toilet that controls the water level in the toilet bowl.
D-BOWL:A sink in which the basin is curved on one end and straight on the other, forming a "D" shape these sinks are designed to accommodate the natural motion of one's arm movement when working in the sink.
DECK-MOUNT FAUCET:Term used to describe a faucet that is mounted on the deck of the bathtub enclosure, rather than on the rim of the bathtub or on the wall. Also known as a Roman spout faucet, or Roman Tub faucet.
DIAL PLATE:Trim piece found behind a single-control wall-mount faucet handle. Also known as a face plate.
DISPOSAL BASIN:Basin of sink which contains drain to garbage disposal. Kohler's deep disposal basins result in less splashing.
DIVERTER:Valves which direct water to various outlets. They are used in showers, tub & shower combinations, bidets, Roman tub fillers and kitchen faucet sprayers.
DIVERTER VALVE:Valve which redirects flow of water to another application within a plumbing system. It is commonly used for diverting water from the tub faucet to a showerhead.
DOUBLE EQUAL:A two-basin sink in which both basins are of equal size and shape.
DOUBLE SINK (DOUBLE BASIN):Sink which offers two separate basins.
DOUBLE THRESHOLD:A shower base used in a corner application where one threshold is used as an entrance and the other has a glass wall.
DRAIN:Any pipe which carries off water or water-born wastes in a plumbing drainage system.
DRAIN BODY:The portion of a drain fitting which receives the stopper.
DRAIN LEVER:A lever assembly secured to a drain body to lift a stopper and allow water to leave a basin. Also known as ball lever.
DRAIN LINKAGE:An adjustable strap or bar forming a connection between the lift rod of a faucet and the ball lever assembly of the drain. Also known as connecting link.
DRAIN VALVE:Device designed to allow drainage of stored contents from a water heater.
DROP-IN SINK:Style of bathtub or whirlpool bath which includes an integral mounting rim as part of the overall structure.
DUOSTRAINER:Sink drain fitting consisting of a strainer body attached to the drain opening and a removable basket. Also called a strainer.
DWV:Drain, Waste and Vent. The pipes in a plumbing system that remove waste water.

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EARTHEN WHITE (COLOR):by Kohler - This cool-hued white has a surface appearance reminiscent of hand-crafted pottery. Its depth and translucence gives each piece a one-of-a-kind character and offers a refreshing option for self-expression in the kitchen and bathroom.
E-FLOW FAUCETS:by Delta Faucet - Delta introduced the industry?s first hands-free electronic faucet designed specifically for residential applications. Combining form and function with sleek design, the e-Flow? faucet features above-counter temperature control and convenient hands-free activation making it easy to use for children, the elderly and persons with physical challenges. The 30 second maximum flow time guards against water waste.
ELBOW:Angled fitting with female connections at both ends. Also known as an "ell".
ELKAY SATIN FINISH:by Elkay - Elkays original highlighted satin finish is produced by an abrasive grinding operation which lends a uniform pattern of satin finish lines to the metal surface. All exposed areas then undergo a series of progressive machine and hand polishing operations. It is this careful polishing that makes an Elkay satin luster finish so beautiful...and so easy to clean and maintain.
ELL:Short for elbow. A plumbing fitting used to change the direction of rigid pipe or tubing.
ELONGATED (BOWL):The optional shape of the front of some toilet bowls. About 2" longer than the standard "round front" bowl.
ENAMEL:Powder coating, usually a combination of clay, quartz, feldspar, silica and color pigments, applied to an iron casting. An opaque vitreous composition applied by fusion to the surface of metal fixtures such as cast iron tubs, lavs and sinks .
END DRAIN:The side of a tub where the drain is found. When facing a tub, if the drain is on the right, this is a Right-Hand tub. If on the left, it is a Left Hand tub. On whirlpools, the pump is located opposite the drain.
ENTERTAINMENT / PREPARATION SINK:A small sink that assists with food or drink preparation and cleanup these sinks are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors and materials.
ESCUTCHEON:A flange or shield beneath a faucet handle. This part covers the faucet stem and the hole in the fixture or wall.
EXTENSION TUBE:A straight section of tubing used to extend a drainage run.

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FACE PLATE:Trim piece found behind a single-control wall-mount faucet handle. Also known as a dial plate.
FAUCET:An exposed plumbing fitting used as a method of personal expression and to control the flow of water into a basin.
FAUCET DRILLING:Number of holes drilled in a fixture to accommodate a faucet and accessories.
FAUCET PUNCHING:Number of holes punched in a stainless steel fixture to accommodate a faucet and accessories.
FAUCET THREADS:Special thread size for fittings that connect to faucets.
FAUCET TRIM:All of the decorative parts to your faucet.
FEMALE FITTING:A fitting that receives a pipe or fitting. A fitting into which another fitting is inserted.
FEMALE THREADS:Faucet threads that are in place on the inside of a fitting.
FIP:Female Iron Pipe. Standard internal threads on pipe fittings.
FIBERGLASS:Glass in a fiberous form used in making the body of products such as boats and bathtubs.
FILTRATION RATE:The rate at which the water is traveling through the filter, measured as GPM (gallons per minute) per sq. ft
FIRECLAY:A variation of vitreous china having greater amounts of quartz and feldspar in the clay material beneath the vitreous surface. Fireclay is heavier (30%), denser, and thicker than regular clay. These properties insure smooth, flat surfaces on large fixtures which is not achievable with standard vitreous china.
FIRECLAY SINK:Mixture of clay and minerals, similar to vitreous china, which is molded, glazed and fired at intense temperatures.
FITTING:A broad based term usually referring to faucets, shower valves, and tub fillers. Also refers to various piping parts such as tees and elbows.
FIXTURE:A broad based term usually referring to sinks, tubs, toilets, basins, etc.
FIXTURE-MOUNT VACUUM BREAKERAn anti-siphon device that prevents waste water from being drawn back into supply lines, potentially contaminating the water supply a type of backflow prevention.
FIXTURE UNIT:An arbitrary unit assigned to different types of plumbing fixtures, and used to estimate flow rate requirements and drain capacity requirements.
FLANGE:A rib or rim for strength, for guiding or for attachment to another object.
FLAPPERAlso known as flush ball, the flapper is the moving part of the flush valve that seals the water into the tank or allows water to exit the tank for the flush cycle. This is the predominant replacement part used on conventional toilets. Disc-like rubber composite that retains water in the tank. Upon flushing cycle lifts to release water out of tank to the bowl for a complete flushing cycle.
FLEX HOSE:A flexible pipe usually made of braided stainless steel.
FLEXIBLE STAINLESS STEEL SUPPLIES:The flexible tubing that hot and cold water lines utilize for easy connection between the faucet and water supply under the sink.
FLOAT BALLThe floating ball is connected to the ballcock inside the tank, which rises or falls with changing water levels in the tank, and actuates or shuts off the ballcock as needed.
FLOOR DRAIN:Drainage fitting that sits flush with the floor, used in basements and showers.
FLOOR FLANGE:Cast iron, pvc (poly vinyl chloride), abs or metal ring located flush to floor and is connected to drain pipe which toilet is fastened to. Offset floor flange allows waste pipe to remain at existing rough but will move flange out approximately 2".
FLOW CONTROL VALVE:Device designed to reduce water flow to a plumbing fixture. Often used to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Also a check valve that prevents flow reversal when heater is turned off.
FLOW RATE:Rated in gallons per minute (GPM) or in gallons per hour (GPH).
FLUSHING SURFACEThe interior surface of the bowl, as well as all other surfaces that may come into contact with the water during flushing.
FLUSHOMETER TANK SYSTEMA toilet flushing system that utilizes supply water pressure to compress water in order to provide a pressurized flush (versus a gravity flush).
FLUSH VALVE (TANK TYPE):Toilet flushing system that uses supply water pressure to compress water to provide a pressurized flush as opposed to gravity flush.
FLUSH VALVE (TANKLESS TYPE):Toilet valve that automatically shuts off after it meters a certain amount of water flow. Also known as a "flushometer".
FOUR-HOLE:Four-hole faucets are made up of a three-hole faucet with an added accessory such as a sidespray.
FREE-STANDING:Term used to describe a bathtub that is free of walls on all sides.
FRPFiberglass reinforced plastics FRP fixtures are lightweight and easy to install a gelcoat finish retains the products true color.

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GATE DIVERTER:The pop-up lever on a tub faucet that activates the diverter valve.
GAUGE:Refers to thickness of stainless steel and is commonly used in reference to quality grades on certain types of lavatories and sinks. 18- and 20-gauge stainless steel sinks go through a number of polishing and buffing operations to ensure a beautiful finish.
GELCOAT:A colored, polyester resin material used to form the surface of some fiberglass bathubs or showers. Don't confuse with acrylic on fiberglass.
GLAZEA glossy, water-resistant, colored finish surface that protects all nonporous vitreous china plumbing fixtures.
GOOSENECK:Spout style characterized by a high arching spout.
GOOSENECK SPOUT:A curved, U-shaped spout the high arc allows for more room in the sink basin.
GPF:Gallons Per Flush. The amount of water by which toilet flush volume is measured and regulated.
GPM:Gallons Per Minute. The rate of water flow by which faucets and showerheads are measured and regulated.
GRAB BAR:Safety bar installed in a bathtub or shower for use when bathing.
GRAVITY-FED TOILETA toilet that relies on the natural downward pressure (or "head") of water in a toilet tank to flush the toilet effectively.
GROUND JOINT:A joint which consists of pressing two smooth mating surfaces together without a gasket or supplemental sealant.

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HAND BASINAn occasionally detachable lavatory basin resting atop a wet surface lavatory, typically smaller than the average basin.
HANDLES:Faucet handles typically come in 3 styles: knob, lever, and cross. Some manufacturers allow a customer to mix and match components to create a custom handle consisting of handle bases and handle inserts
HANDSHOWER:A showerhead designed with a handle that is connected to a water supply via a flexible hose.
HEAD:Nautical slang for toilets on ships and boats. Derived from early sailing days when defecation was done off the "head", or bow of the ship so that splash water would rinse away the waste.
HIGH / LOW:by Kohler - A sink configuration with differing basin depths.
HIGH-TANK (TOILET):An antique style of toilet configured with a separate tank and bowl in which the tank is wall mounted above head height and is connected to the bowl by a flush pipe.
HIGH TEMPERATURE LIMIT STOP:Valve mechanism that provides added safety by allowing you to pre-set a maximum hot water temperature.
HOMOGENOUS:Same in composition throughout as opposed to laminate.
HOSE BIBB:Term used for "sillcock".
HOT WATER DISPENSER:Product which maintains a quantity of near-boiling water for instant use at any time.
HUDDEE RING:Old term for metal Sink Frame. Huddee was the original (and only) brand of sink frames at one time. The term became generic for sink frames like Kleenex is to tissue.
HYDROLOCK™:A number of Moen's faucets feature the Hydrolock installation system, making them faster and easier to install. A telltale "click" audibly signals a secure connection and eliminates the need for tools to attach the water line to the faucet.
HYDROTHERAPYThe use of water for healing purposes, many times through water massage.

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I.D.:Inside Diameter. All pipes are sized according to their inside diameter.
IGNEOUS BLACK:by Kohler - With a matte finish, it can be contemporary or traditional in style. It is a classic color inspired by rock and stone. A clean, crisp glass color for ultimate decorating versatility.
IGNEOUS BLUE (COLOR):by Kohler - Inspired by nature, is has a matte finish and is considered a "warmer" cobalt. It has a visual texture with complementary flecks of color.
INNOCENT BLUSH (COLOR):by Kohler - Soft and quiet, it is a very light pink hue. It is extremely versatile as a pastel neutral and works well with ceramic tile and darker wood tones
IPS:Iron Pipe Size. Standard pipe threads. See also "FIP", "MIP".
INGENIUM:by Kohler - Flushing performance engineered to deliver performance in 1.6 GPF toilets comparable to the performance given by previous 3.5 GPF models.
INSTANTANEOUS WATER HEATER:Type of water heater which heats supply as it passes through no storage tank necessary. Also known as a "tankless heater".
INSULINER:by Kohler - Kohler's Registered trade name for factory-installed tank insulation, which minimizes condensation on the outside of the tank (also known as tank sweating) when exposed to high humidity.
INTEGRAL:A cast or formed part of a fixture, such as bubbler, trap, seat or tank.
IRON COBALT (COLOR):by Kohler - A vivid, eye-catching blue that will make any sink the focal point of the room. It appears to "float" on the glass-like enameled cast iron finish, giving it an intense depth of shine. Brilliant with warm accents of custard yellow, earthly beige tones, or white.

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JACUZZI:The brand name of the original whirlpool tub. Often misused to mean any "whirlpool tub".
JETAn orifice or other feature of both a toilet and whirlpool a toilet jet is designed to direct water into the trapway quickly, to start the siphon action a whirlpool jet is designed to direct air and water throughout the whirlpool to create flow and/or bubbles.

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LAUNDRY TRAY:Laundry Tub. Very deep sink used in a laundry room for soaking or washing clothing.
LAUNDRY (UTILITY) SINK:Type of sink with extra deep sink compartments for cleaning laundry or small equipment.
LAVATORY:Bathroom or washroom sink.
LAVATORY FAUCET:Type of faucet designed to deliver water into a lavatory.
LAVATORY RISER:Flexible supply tube with bullet-shaped end, used to make the final supply connection with external threaded inlet shanks (MIP).
LEDGEBACK:Style of sink or lavatory which includes a deck at the rear for mounting the faucet and other accessories.
LEVER FAUCET HANDLE:Type of faucet handle that extends outward from the stem for easy control.
LID:Toilet tank lid. The removable top cover on a toilet's tank.
LIFESHINE® FINISH:by Moen - With the designer touch of decorative finishes and the durability of chrome, these finishes are guaranteed not to tarnish, corrode or flake off? for life.
LIFT ROD:The rod on a lavatory faucet which when lifted raises the pivot rod which lowers the stopper into the drain.
LIMIT STOP:Faucet control unit used to adjust maximum water temperature.
LOW-CONSUMPTION TOILETA classification of toilet designed to flush using 1.6 or less gallons of water, as opposed to the outdated 3.5-gallon toilets and other higher-consumption toilets.
LOW-BOY (TOILET):A slang term for a toilet style in which the tank height is lower than normal. Usually a one piece toilet. Occasionally a two piece toilet.
LOW-PROFILE SPOUT:A shorter, less exaggerated curve keeps the low-profile spout out of the way.
LOW-TANK (TOILET):An antique style toilet in which the the tank is wall mounted slightly higher than the bowl but lower than the older style high-tank toilets. Tank water flows from the tank to the bowl via a flush ell.
LPF:Liters per flush. The amount of water by which toilet flush volume is measured and regulated, in metric.

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MALE THREADS:The threads of the pipe are on the outside.
MALE IPS (MIP):Male Iron Pipe. Standard external threads on pipe and fittings.
MARATON® :by Chicago Faucets - Single Control kitchen and lavatory faucets. Chicago Faucets trademark.
MASTER GOURMET:by Blanco - Kitchen faucet from BLANCO. This professional series standard bearer, features a modern high arc primary tap with minimalist side lever and hanging pressure sprayer with stainless steel hose protector coil.
MASTERCLEAN?:by Kohler - a type of a faucet sprayface that withstands mineral buildup and can be cleaned simply by rubbing the sprayface with your fingers.
Metal Frame InstallationA metal frame is mounted around the bathroom lavatory.
METERING FAUCET:Faucet which delivers a predetermined volume of water and then automatically shuts off.
MINI-WIDESPREAD:A special style of bathroom lavatory faucet having separate spout and handles. But designed small enough that it will fit 4" center-to-center faucet holes.
MIXER:The portion of a burner where air and gas are mixed before delivery to the burner ports.
MIXING VALVE:Mixes hot and cold water to achieve a specified delivery temperature.
MOENSTONE:by Moen ? Kitchen sinks made from a high-strength quartz composite material.
MONOBLOCK FAUCET:A single handle faucet.
MOUNTING FRAME:External mounting means used to install sinks which have no integral provision.
M•PACT® :by Moen - Moen's innovative M•PACT valve makes it easier to upgrade the style of the bathroom without replacing any faucet plumbing. A common valve design allows for a faucet change in just minutes: simply unscrew the handles and spout, lift them out and replace with the new style. It is just as easy to change the shower trim by removing the handle from the wall and replacing the trim.

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NEO-ANGLE:Term used to describe shower receptor or bathtub that fits into a corner. Two corner walls butt up against the fixture.
NIPPLE:A short length of pipe installed between couplings or other fittings.
NOMINAL DIMENSION:Within established range of manufacturing tolerances.
NOMINAL SIZE:Size used for identification only not literal dimensions.
NPT:National Pipe Threads.

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O.D.:Outside Diameter. The diameter of a pipe measured from the outside edge.
OBSCURE GLASS:Glass that lets light through but is not totally transparent.
OFFSET:A tubular component which permits the offsetting of a drainage run in the same basic direction.
ONE-HANDLE FAUCET:Provides on/off activation and temperature setting with a single operation.
ONE-PIECE (TOILET):An upgraded style of toilet which is configured of an integral tank and bowl which are formed as "one piece" during the manufacturing process.
ONE-PIECE WASHERLESS CARTRIDGE:by Moen - Moen's patented one-piece cartridge means no washers - the most common causes of annoying drips. The self-contained assembly has fewer parts, meaning greater reliability and worry-free performance year after year.
OPEN FRONT:A style of toilet seat rim where there is an open space about three inches wide at the front. Considered more sanitary in commercial applications where constant usage exceeds janitorial sanitation.
OUTLET CONNECTION:Waste connection to the drain system.
OVERFLOWING BATH:A deep, oversized bath with a surrounding reservoir to provide maximum water volume, allowing the bather to completely submerge the reservoir allows water to continuously trickle over the sides of the basin for a soothing, deep soak sensation.
OVERFLOW HOOD:On a bath drain, the decorative hood concealing the overflow.
OVERFLOW TUBE:The vertical tube inside a toilet tank (usually part of the flush valve) that directs water into the bowl in case the ballcock malfunctions. If the ballcock does not shut off properly, water will drain through the overflow tube into the bowl, and flow harmlessly over the dam and out the drain. This prevents potential water damage caused by the tank overflowing and indicates to the user that there is a problem by a "constant running" condition. On most toilets, the overflow tube also has a refill tube flowing into it. The refill line directs water from the ballcock through the overflow tube to the bowl after the siphon break.

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PAINTED LADY PINK:by Kohler - Combines shades of pink with a "crackle" finish. It is a soft color the can make a statement or act as an accent.
PAUSE BUTTON:by Moen - Available on Moen's Aberdeen? and Woodmere? pull-down kitchen faucets, this patented pause button allows the user to pause the flow of water at the wand. It's like having a second "on-off" button in your hand - and convenience at your fingertips.
PEACEKEEPER™:by Kohler - is patented, factory-installed, battery-powered, seat-actuated flushing system, which initiates the flush cycle when the user simply lowers the seat lid.
PEDESTAL LAVATORY:A stand-alone fixture with a lavatory resting atop a narrow base similar to the shape of a birdbath.
PEPPER 'N SALT (COLOR):by Kohler - A cool color for the kitchen that features whites and grays. With its flecked appearance, Pepper 'N Salt works well with many tile patterns and countertop materials.
PIVOT DOOR:A shower door that rotates on metal pivots located at the top and bottom of the door.
PLUNGER REPAIR KIT:Depending upon model may contain plunger, clip, seat, o-ring to seal top of water control to body of water control. If the float rod is lifted up & the water keeps running, using a Plunger repair kit may stop water from running in the tank via the refill tube. Newer models do not have a plunger repair kit option, as it is relatively inexpensive to replace the entire water control.
P. O. (PLUG):Plug Outlet. A style of drain outlet for lavatories. The drain outlet is closed by a rubber stopper, or "plug".
POP-UP ASSEMBLY:The drain mechanism of a faucet installed on a lavatory. The drain stopper "pops" up and down.
POP-UP DRAIN:Remote control drain assembly. Also known as a "trip lever drain" for tubs.
PORCELAIN:A white ceramic ware that consists of kalin, quartz and feldspar. It is fired at high temperature on steel to make the surface of some bathtubs, kitchen sinks and bathroom lavatories.
PORCELAIN ENAMEL:Vitreous enamel. Often refers to pressed steel products with a porcelain glaze.
POT:Slang for toilet. Possibly derived from "chamber pot".
POTABLE:Water which is safe to drink.
POWDER COAT:A technique for applying paint to metal surfaces. The metal is covered with a powder of dry paint particles and is baked in an oven. This causes the powder to melt and harden into a tough, colorful finish.
PREMIER:by Kohler - Kohler products in this category are made from the finest materials. Extravagant designs and maximum features provide value worthy of a higher price.
PRESSURE ASSISTED TOILET:Utilizes the power of the flushometer valve to create a powerful siphonic flushing action. Water fills a sealed tank inside the chinaware tank creating pressure by displacing air within this sealed tank. When the push button or trip lever is activated, the water under pressure, rapidly thrusts or pushes waste and water through the bowl. The entire flushing process occurs very quickly (about 4 seconds).
PRESSURE BALANCE VALVE:A shower mixing valve that automatically maintains balance between incoming hot and cold water supplies by immediately regulating fluctuatuions in pressure. As a result the outlet temperature remains constant, though the outlet pressure may drop.
PRESSURE-CLEAN™:Is trademarked name for Kohler-designed and manufactured 1.6 gpf flushometer tank system.
PSI:Pounds Per Square Inch. A means of measurement used to determine pressure within contained area.
PRIMING JET:An opening in a toilet bowl through which tank-supplied water flows, designed to propel waste up into the trapway.
"P" TRAP:Trap design which routes drainage horizontally back through the wall to connect with Drainage Waste Vent (DWV).
PULL-CHAIN (TOILET):An antique style of toilet configured with a separate tank and bowl in which the tank is wall mounted above head height and is connected to the bowl by a flush pipe. Due to the height of the tank location, a chain is necessary to pull the trip lever to flush the toilet.
PULL-DOWN SPRAY:A hose-connected, removable nozzle with the ability to disconnect from the faucet mount by pulling downward this allows better nozzle flexibility and dexterity.
PULL-OUT SPRAY:Single-control kitchen faucet which offers a retractable hose and sprayhead to be used for food preparation and cleaning.
PUREAIR:by Jacuzzi - A series of air bubble tubs that feature air movement from gentle to robust or from wave to pulsating action through a system called 'Thermal Lumbar Comfort" (TLC).
PURETOUCH® :by Moen - Moen's PureTouch filtering faucet systems are designed to improve taste and reduce odors in drinking water by removing impurities such as chlorine, lead and harmful cysts, all without removing the beneficial flouride. Its filtered water is dispensed through a separate channel so that it never mixes with unfiltered water. The system also features an electronic filter life indicator to show when a replacement filter is needed.
PUSH BUTTON:A style of toilet tank flush actuator, different from the traditional trip-lever style.
PUSH-BUTTON DIVERTER:A small button attached to the shower faucet that switches easily between shower and bath.
PVC:PolyVinyl Chloride. A white plastic used in the manufacture of water supply pipe.
PVD:Physical Vapor Deposition. A modern plating process used in faucet manufacturing. Vaporized zirconium reacts with nitrogen and another special gas to form a durable plated surface. By Kohler - Kohler's "Vibrant" polished brass finish uses PVD technology. Vibrant's PVD finish offers added beauty and superior resistance to scratches, corrosion and tarnishing. The best polished brass finish in the industry. by Blanco - A method of vaporizing, and ionizing high purity metals and gases to form a film-like metal compound that coats BLANCO brass sinks and faucets. The process takes place under airtight, contaminant-free conditions in a sealed vacuum chamber. Key features of this "state-of-the-art" process include: unequaled elegance, durability and depth, with exceptional resistance to abrasion and chemicals and four times harder than natural brass. Note: Blanco does not use the cheaper "clear" topcoat process that can be scratched or discolored by sunlight.

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RECEPTOR:Shallow basin used to catch and contain water in the bottom of a showering space.
RECESSED TUB:A tub that has a decorative finish on one side only and is surrounded by three walls.
REFILL TUBE:On most toilets, a refill tube directs water from the ballcock into the overflow tube to refill the bowl after the siphon break.
REMOTE VALVE:A separate standing valve, or faucet handle, which controls the faucet as well as the temperature.
REVERSE OSMOSIS:A water treatment method whereby water is forced through a semi permeable membrane which filters out impurities.
REVERSE-TRAPWAY TOILET:A water closet having a siphonic trapway at the rear of the bowl, and integral flushing rim and jet. Minimum dimensions are a 9" x 8" water spot and a 1?" ball pass.
REVERSIBLE BASINS:by Kohler - Kitchen sinks with reversible basins options feature uneven basin configurations.
RIGID PIPE:Pipe designed to transmit the backfill load to the foundation beneath the pipe. Rigid pipe must be supported on the bottom portion of the pipe.
RIM:The inside edge of the perimeter of a toilet bowl. The lower portion of a toilet seat. The edge of a sink or lavatory.
RIM HOLES:A series of small holes in the underside of a toilet rim, around the circumference of the bowl. Incoming water flows down into the bowl through these holes, creating a rinse effect, or "rim wash" over the entire inner surface of the bowl.
RIMSEAL:by Kohler - a process that significantly reduces "rim rust" on KOHLER self-rimming cast iron products. The process involves the application of a non-corrosive metal coating to the rims of self-rimming cast iron sinks and lavatories prior to the application of undercoat and enamel. All cast iron lavatories and sinks manufactured after August 7, 1996 have received the RimSeal application. Because all Kohler self-rim cast iron sinks and lavatories are now being coated with RimSeal, it is no longer necessary for Kohler Co. to include a tube of sealant with these products. As of October 1, 1996, Kohler no longer sends sealant with self-rimming cast iron products - installers can use the product of choice.
RITE-TEMP:by Kohler - Safety valve designed to protect against the development of a dangerous condition by relieving high temperature and/or high pressure from a water heater. Kohler's exclusive Rite-Temp pressuring-balancing valves provide an added measure of safety by eliminating surges of hot and cold water during showering.
RISER:A vertical metal or plastic tube or assembly that connects a faucet to the water supply stop valve. Usually made of copper.
ROMAN TUB SET:A roman tub set is a tub set that is mounted on the deck of a tub not on the wall.
ROMAN SPOUT:Term used to describe a faucet that is mounted on the deck of the bathtub enclosure, rather than on the rim of the bathtub or on the wall. Also referred to as a deck-mount faucet.
ROUGH-IN:Installation of the drain, waste, vent, and supply lines in a structure to the proposed location of each fixture.
ROUGH-IN DIMENSION:The distance from a finished wall or floor to the center of the waste or supply opening or mounting holes on a plumbing fixture.
ROUND FRONT:The standard shape of the front of a toilet bowl. About 2" shorter than the optional "elongated" bowl. A toilet bowl having dimensions of 14" wide by 16?" long (from the center of the seat hinge holes to the front edge of the outside rim).
ROUND FRONT BOWL:Toilet bowl having dimensions of 14" wide by 16 1/2" long (from center of seat hinge holes to front outside rim edge).
ROUSSILLON RED(COLOR):by Kohler - An exquisite combination of rich and warm earthen reds. Named after a beautiful French village atop Mount Rouge in Provence, it is substantial in feeling and tone not typically found in manufactured reds.

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"S" TRAP:Trap design which routes drainage vertically down through the floor to connect with the Drainage Waste Vent (DWV).
SADDLE:The separator found in many KOHLER? kitchen sinks which splits the basin into two parts.
SAFFRON (COLOR):by Kohler - A natural, translucent yellow. It is an inviting color that commands attention, but in a warm, comfortable style.
SAGE (COLOR):by Kohler - A translucent green that has a cool, calming affect. Natural and soothing, yet noticeable.
SATIN POLISHED FINISH:by Blanco - Most BLANCO stainless steel sinks have what is called a satin polished finish. This elegant finish creates an enduring, easy-to-clean luster that is impervious to water stains and calcium deposits. The satin polished finish is created by performing numerous hand and machine buffing operations that produce a beautiful luster. We also offer a satin finish for our BLANCOSPEX sink models. The satin finish has more of a brushed appearance.
SCALD GUARD:by Delta Faucet - Delta Monitor Series Scald-Guard valves are designed to prevent extreme water temperature changes through pressure balance technology. When there is a drop in hot or cold water pressure (when other appliances are in use or a toilet is flushed), the Scald-Guard valve shifts back and forth behind the shower handle to compensate for the sudden change. This valve maintains a constant water temperature (within +/- 3? F) to help give you and your family a safe and enjoyable bathing experience.
SCREWDRIVER STOP:Used with tub/shower faucets. Shut off valves built into the brass body of the bath/shower unit (if you need to work on the unit you turn the water off at the body instead of shutting off your whole house).
SCULLERY SINK:Type of sink used in commercial or institutional kitchens.
SEAFOAM GREEN (COLOR):by Kohler - A fresh, green pastel that establishes a light and airy mood in any bathroom. It offers a clean, crisp feeling that also works well with other darker greens.
SEA SALT (COLOR):by Kohler - Featuring a textured, three-dimensional color, Sea Salt combines neutral KOHLER colors and organic materials to give it unique depth and character. This sophisticated neutral color, shown here on the DemiLav? Vessels lavatory, is available for kitchen and bathroom environments and offers versatile coordination with fixtures and faucets in complementary color palettes.
SELF-CLOSING FAUCET:Commercial lavatory faucet that flows water for a set time after the handle is pushed or turned.
SELF RIMMING:A style of bathroom lavatory or kitchen sink with a rolled and finished edge, or rim. The fixture installs on top of a counter without the need for a metal sink rim.
SEMI-ENCASTRE:A unique, space-saving, self-rimming lavatory installation in which the back of the lavatory is installed into the countertop while the front, or apron, of the lavatory projects from the countertop.
SERENGETI (COLOR):by Kohler - Combines shades of beige with a "crackle" finish. It is a soft color the can make a statement or act as an accent.
SERVICE SINK:Deep fixed basin, usually supplied with hot and cold water, which is used for rinsing of mops, disposal of cleaning water, or washing clothes and other household items.
SERVICE SINK FAUCET:Commercial grade faucet used on a service or utility sink.
SHOWER ARM:Shower trim component that delivers water to the showerhead. Usually 1/2" NPT, the shower arm connects showerhead and water supply line behind a finished wall of the shower enclosure.
SHOWER ELL:Plumbing elbow into which threads the shower arm. It is secured to the wall framing. The vertical water supply pipe from the bath/shower valve connects to the shower ell inlet.
SHOWER GRATE:Designed to fit the basin area on shower receptors, shower grates bring multifunctional luxury to the bath, providing a sturdy floor that helps reduce slipping.
SHOWERHEAD:Device that delivers water in a showering space. It may have an adjustable spray feature and a valve for regulating the flow of water from the shower.
SHOWER PANEL:Shower panel is a separate panel that mounts on a shower wall that includes a valve, showerhead, handshower, and body sprays. This is a quick and easy way to add these functions to your shower without tearing out the wall.
SHOWER RECEPTOR:Sometimes referred to as a shower pan, the shower receptor is the base of the shower that houses the drain, and is usually surrounded by custom walls.
SHOWER SPRAYS:Champagne spray is a highly aerated spray that is gentle and soft. It is especially good to use with children, as it will not hurt their eyes. A pulsation or massage spray is just that. It pulses creating a massaging effect, which is great to use on sore muscles. A needle spray is your standard shower spray, which with some showerheads can be adjusted from a small to large spray. Self-Cleaning isn't a spray actually, it is offered by several manufacturers to keep the holes clear of calcium deposits. Some have pins that push out the deposits while others have a Teflon coating, which resists calcium buildup.
SHOWER SUPPLY ELBOW:Plumbing elbow into which threads the shower arm. It is secured to the wall framing. The vertical water supply pipe from the bath/shower valve connect to the shower ell inlet.
SHROUD:Material that conceals the piping under a bathroom lavatory.
SIDESPRAY:A small spray nozzle separate from the faucet, connected to a pullout hose for full flexibility and function when spraying dishes or cleaning the inside of the sink.
SILENTSHIELD™:by Kohler - A sound-absorption system found in many KOHLER sinks that significantly reduces the noise from clanging dishes and silverware, as well as unwanted noise from running water and disposals.
SILENTSHIELD PLUS™:by Kohler - A sound-absorption system found in many Kohler's sinks that significantly reduces the noise from clanging dishes and silverware, as well as unwanted noise from running water and disposals also reduces condensation and helps maintain water temperature.
SILLCOCK:An outdoor faucet furnished with hose threads on the spout. Also used to supply washing machines. Also known as a "hose bibb".
SILGRANIT:by Blanco - SILGRANIT® is manufactured of 80% rock hard granite. Features of SILGRANIT include heat resistancy up to 536° F, stain, scratch & chip resistant, impervious to acids & alkalis, easy to clean & maintain, colored all the way through and guaranteed with our no-hassle limited lifetime warranty.
SINGLE BASIN SINK:Term used to describe a sink comprised of a single compartment.
SINGLE-CONTROL:Single-control faucets provide on/off activation and temperature setting with a single operation.
SINGLE-HOLE:One hole drilling positioned in the center of a lavatory faucet ledge that provides for installation of a single-control faucet.
SINGLE-HOLE FAUCET:Faucet which installs into a single fixture hole.
SINGLE THRESHOLD:Type of shower base used in a three wall installation with the threshold being the side with the door.
SINK:A stationary basin connected with a drain and water supply for washing and drainage. Any of a variety of fixtures used as a method of personal expression and for entertaining, food preparation, and dish washing. May contain one or more basins, which may be of varying heights.
SIPHON BREAK:The point in a toilet flush when air is re-introduced into the trapway, "breaking" the siphonic action. The siphon break is usually heard as a deep gurgling at the conclusion of a flush.
SIPHON JET TOILET:A toilet having a siphonic trapway at the rear of the bowl, and integral flushing rim and jet.
SIPHON VORTEX TOILET:A toilet having a trapway at the rear of the bowl, an integral flushing rim and a water supply system (with or without a jet) that does not feed directly into the trapway.
SIPHON WASH TOILET:A toilet having a trapway at the rear of the bowl and integral flushing rim. Minimum dimensions are a 5" x 4" water spot and a 1?" ball pass.
SIPHONING:The suction or pulling effect that takes place in the trapway of a toilet as it is filled with outgoing water and waste. An effective siphon is critical to a successful flush for any toilet.
SKIRT:The front cover on some bathtubs between the floor, the top rim and the end walls.
SLIDE BAR:Type of shower component designed for the attachment of a handshower. The mounting bracket can be adjusted at different heights to accommodate individual preference.
SLIP JOINT:A connection made with compression fittings.
SMART DIVIDE™:by Kohler - A kitchen sink basin split into two sections, with the divider set at half the height of those found on conventional double-basin sinks the short divider better accommodates larger items.
SOAP/LOTION DISPENSER:Accessory that holds liquid soap or lotion. May be installed in a predrilled sink hole or through a 1" max. thickness countertop.
SOUNDSHIELD™:by Moen - Available on Moen's Lancelot? stainless steel sinks, SoundSHIELD undercoating provides exceptional sound deadening which creates a much quieter experience when working at the sink.
SPOUT:Delivers water from the faucet valve to the sink, lavatory or bath.
SPOUT HEIGHT:Vertical measurement from the base of the faucet to the tallest point of the spout reach.
SPOUT REACH:Horizontal measurement from the center of the spout/shank to the center of the aerator.
SPUD:A threaded waterway assembly inserted into the fixture for assembly of valves or trim (Back spud - pipes are concealed behind wall. Top spud - pipes are exposed.).
SPUN GLASS:by Kohler - Lavatory material made from soda lime glass. Air bubbles formed during the casting process work with naturally occurring pigments to give Kohler's spun glass Vessels a somewhat irregular, yet invitingly tactile, surface.
SQUARE HANDLE FAUCET:Type of faucet handle with a square shape.
STAINLESS STEEL SINKS:Material used in the manufacture of kitchen sinks. Sheet metal is drawn into a shape that has a degree of depth. Additional press operations include punching of faucet holes and forming of fixture rims.
STANDARD FAUCETS:Type of commercial faucet that is operated similar to a residential faucet. The user is in complete control of volume and temperature adjustment.
STATIC PRESSURE:The pressure at the valve inlet that is exerted under a "no flow" condition.
Used with several Stallbrook urinals installed side by side to create a seamless appearance. It is installed between each fixture, so that it creates the "look" of one large fixture.
Hansgrohe's version of stainless steel. Designed to match stainless steel sinks. Great match for Blanco stainless steel sinks.
STONEWARE:by Kohler - These neutrals are complemented with texture. Stoneware peppers a background of Biscuit with flecks of black and brown. Cream City features the same effect on a warm cream background. White Cliffs takes on a soft, chalk-like appearance with flecks of black and green.
STOP:The shutoff valve under sinks and toilets. Allows water supply to be cut off to one fixture without affecting the water supply to the entire house or building.
STOP AND DRAIN FITTING:Plug-type valve used to tap into a water main to control the flow to a branch line, which has a side opening to shut off the water and allow it to drain out so the pipe won't freeze.
STRAINER:Sink drain fitting consisting of a strainer body attached to the drain opening and a removable basket. Also called a duostrainer.
SUITE:A collection of products that share a similar design theme, usually comprised of the following components: a bath/whirlpool, lavatory and toilet.
SUPPLY KIT:Usually a kit of all parts needed to connect a faucet or toilet to the pipes coming out of the wall. Usually includes stop valves, water connectors, and escutcheons.
SUPPLY STOP:The valve that provides on/off toilet water supply control.
SURFACE PANEL:A detachable piece within the wet surface lavatory that is smaller than the basin and serves as a wet tabletop it allows water to flow into the surrounding channel.
SWAN HIGH GLOSS:by Swan Corporation - An ultra-bright, ultra-clean glossy surface unique to a traditional line of walls made by Swan Corporation. Its shine comes from a durable baked-on finish.
SWANSTONE:by Swan Corporation - A homogenous, nonporous material with color molded throughout. This material is reinforced, modified acrylic filled with natural minerals. It is heat resistant up to 375 degrees and it has a limited lifetime warranty.
SWING SPOUT:A faucet spout with the ability to spin left to right, side to side.

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T & P VALVE:Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve. A safety device used to expel excess pressure or heat from inside a tank.
TAILPIECE:The portion of a drain fitting which protrudes into the trap.
TAIL PIPE:The pipe added below the jet assembly, in a weak well application.
TankThe fixture reservoir for flushing water. On a conventional toilet, the ballcock, flush valve and trip lever are installed in the tank. A tank lid closes the top tank opening.
TANK FIXTURE:Reservoir for flush water. On a conventional toilet, the ballcock, flush valve, and trip lever are installed in the tank. A tank lid closes the top tank opening.
TANK TRIM:Parts other than china regularly supplied with a toilet, for example, closet spuds wall hangers, and tank flush valves. Trim also includes flush valve, water control and trip lever.
TANKLESS WATER HEATER:Type of water heater which heats water as it passes through ? no storage tank necessary. Also known as "instantaneous heater".
TEA GREEN (COLOR):by Kohler - Nature's neutral, Tea Green offers a luminous suggestion of color that lends sheer character and atmosphere to the bath. Its rich, translucent surface renders depth and subtle movement - highlighting design lines and inspiring versatility.
TEE:T-shaped fitting with three openings that allow another pipe to be joined at a 90 degree angle, used to create branch lines.
TEMPERED GLASS:Glass that has been annealed or strengthened by a process of gradually healing and cooling. Once a piece of glass has been tempered, it cannot be cut. If it breaks, it breaks into many small pieces.
TEMPERING VALVE:A in-line hot/cold mixing valve.
Three-HandleThree-handle faucets also use separate handles for hot and cold water, but have an additional handle to divert the water from bath spout to showerhead.
THREE-HOLE:Three-hole faucets consist of two separate handles and a spout, or a single-handle faucet with an escutcheon plate to stylishly cover the vacant faucet holes.
THERMOSTATIC:Maintains steady water temperature to prevent scalding and thermal shock.
THERMOSTATIC VALVE:A shower mixing valve with automatic temperature control. When temperature fluctuations occur at the water inlets, a thermal actuator adjusts the hot and cold ratio to maintain the original temperature setting.
TILE-IN SINK INSTALLATION:Installation where lavatory is fit flush with countertop. Tile-in sinks have flat, straight edges and square corners for a neat, flush fit with tiled surfaces.
TIMBERLINE:by Kohler - A deep, hunter green, Timberline is at home with a variety of styles and designs. Taking its cue from nature, it works extremely well in "lodge" settings but can also be incorporated into formal decor as well.
TOILET BOWL:Water receptor which receives liquid and solid waste.
TOILET ROUGHING-IN MEASUREMENT:Dimension from finished wall or floor to center of waste or supply opening or mounting holes. (99% of one and two piece toilets are 12" rough. Most flush valve toilets are 10" rough.)
TOP MOUNT:The whole faucet fits through the holes on the top of the sink with a plate covering the body of the faucet.
TOUCHLESS FAUCET:Commercially installed faucet or urinal valve that function using infrared sensor system.
TRANSFER VALVE:A valve within a showering product that transfers the water from one port to another.
TRAP:Curved section of drain line that prevents sewer odors from escaping into the atmosphere. All fixtures that have drains must have a "P" trap installed. A toilet is the only plumbing fixture with an "S" trap.
TRAP DRAIN:A flex adapter to connect 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" drain pipe.
TRAPWAY:The channel in a toilet that connects the bowl to the waste outlet. The trapway is where siphonic action takes place, and it's measured in terms of the largest diameter ball that can pass through it. Also referred to as "passageway".
TRAPWAY SEAL:The height of water in a toilet bowl "at rest", it provides a water seal that prevents sewer gases from entering the home. The trapway seal is measured from the top of the dam to the inlet of the trapway. Also referred to as "deep seal".
TRIM:Any non-vitreous china toilet components, with the exception of the seat. Examples include the ballcock, bolt caps and trip lever.
TRIP LEVER:The flush handle and actuating arm on a toilet tank. Also the lever that opens and closes the drain on a bathtub waste & overflow.
TRIPLE BASIN:Term used to describe a sink comprised of three compartments.
TROUGH SINK:A long, narrow sink replicating the shape of a trough that accommodates food preparation and disposal.
TUB SPOUT:Faucet component which delivers water from the faucet valve to the bath.
TURQUOISE (COLOR):by Kohler - Combines shades of green with a "crackle" finish. It is a soft color the can make a statement or act as an accent.
TWO-HANDLE:Two-handle faucets feature separate handles to control hot and cold water temperature.
TWO-PIECE (TOILET):A standard style of toilet which is configured of a separate tank and bowl which are connected.
TWO-WAY DIVERTER VALVE:Transfers water delivery between two shower or bath faucet components.

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ULF:Ultra Low Flush . Designation for modern, water saving toilets. Toilets using 1.6 gallons per flush, or less.
UNDERCOUNTER SINK:Type of installation in which a lavatory or sink is attached to the underside of a countertop.
UNDERCOVER:The underside portion of some faucets which also use a top shroud to cover an assembled faucet waterway.
UNDERMOUNT LAVATORY:The body of the sink attaches to the underside of the countertop. Depending on the design of the sink, faucets can be mounted on the countertop or the sink itself.
UNION:A three piece fitting that joins two sections of pipe, but allows them to be disconnected without cutting the pipe.
UPC:Uniform Plumbing Code.
URINAL:A plumbing fixture that receives only liquid waste and conveys the waste through a trapway seal into a gravity drainage system.
UTILITY SINK:A deep, fixed basin that is supplied with hot and cold water and is used for rinsing mops and disposing cleaning water.

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VACUUM BREAKER:An anti-siphon device which prevents the backflow of non potable water into the water supply system. For example, if a handshower were left extended into a bathtub of dirty water, and a siphon effect were to occur, a vacuum breaker would prevent the tub water from traveling back into the water supply system.
VALVE:A device that regulates the flow of water. Also the rough-in part of a faucet that is concealed in the wall or undercounter.
VALVE BODY:The housing for a valve cartridge. Contains an inlet and outlet, with the valve cartridge controlling the flow of water.
VALVE CARTRIDGE:A single-piece unit that replaces the use of separate seats, stems, and seals for water-flow control.
VANITY:A bathroom storage cabinet beneath the counter.
VANITY TOP: Bathroom cabinet with a wash basin set in the top.
VERITEK:by Swan Corporation - An affordable compression-molded material with no surface coating to chip or crack. This non-porous material will not mold or mildew, making it perfect for your bathroom.
VESSEL:A style of basin that installs partially into the counter rather than fully into the counter, or installs totaly above the counter. The portion of the fixture rising above the counter has a finished exterior.
VESSEL LAVATORY:A freestanding lavatory basin emulating the appearance of a bowl sitting on a countertop inspired by Chinese washbasins.
VITREOUS:A surface material on some plumbing fixtures derived from or consisting of glass. It is low in porosity and is translucent.
VITREOUS CHINA:A clay material with a vitreous surface used to manufacture some plumbing fixtures such as toilets and lavys.

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WALL BRACKET:An adjustable bracket which attaches to a slide bar or hanger allowing the user to pivot and rotate the position of a handshower.
WALL-MOUNT SINK:Type of installation in which a lavatory is supported from the wall.
WASH FOUNTAIN:Hand washing fixture providing lavatory function for two or more persons simultaneously.
WASHDOWN TOILET:A toilet having a siphon trapway at the front of the bowl and an integral flushing rim. Minimum dimensions are 8" x 7" water spot, and a 1?" ball pass.
WASTE & OVERFLOW:The drain assembly for a bathtub. The outlet at the top removes the "overflow" water during tub filling and the drain at the bottom removes "waste" water when the tub is drained.
WATER CLOSET:Toilet. A plumbing fixture having a water-containing receptor that receives liquid and solid body waste, and upon actuation (flushing), conveys the waste through a trapway into a gravity drainage system.
WATER COOLER:A fixture which includes a refrigeration system for chilling drinking water.
WATER CONTROL:Means of supplying and controlling water level in a tank.
WATER HAMMER:A destructive, high-pressure surge in a water supply piping system accompanying the quick closure of valves or faucets on the system. The surge causes a shock wave which vibrates the pipes causing them to bang, knock or "hammer" against the wall or floor.
WATER PURIFIER:Purifying systems vary from the very basic (reducing water's bad taste and odor) to advanced (removing everything from the water and automatically shutting off with you need to change the filters). Cost, storage capacity, and water usage are all factors in which system you purchase.
WATER-SAVING TOILET:A classification of toilet that uses no more than 1.6 gallons per flush.
WATER SPOT:The water surface in the toilet bowl once the flush is completed. This is established by the height of the integral trapway dam. Usually expressed in inches of width by length. Also referred to as water surface.
WAX RING:Located between floor flange and toilet as a seal to prevent leakage and fumes. (Note: can also be provided with horn, which fits into the center of the waste pipe.)
WEIR:Dam in the trapway that is specifically designed to give you recommended water seal and water spot.
WET SURFACE LAVATORY:A lavatory housing a surface panel within its basin that creates a signature flat surface, allowing water to flow outward into the surrounding channel.
WHIRLPOOL TUB:A bathtub with a whirlpool system added. The whirlpool system recirculates the tub water and mixes in air to create hydro threapy via jet inlets.
WHITE CLIFFS (COLOR):by Kohler - These neutrals are complemented with texture. Stoneware peppers a background of Biscuit with flecks of black and brown. Cream City features the same effect on a warm cream background. White Cliffs takes on a soft, chalk-like appearance with flecks of black and green.
WHITE SATIN:by Kohler - A more understated white color featuring a satin finish that promotes creativity and the ultimate versatility in decorating.
WIDESPREAD:A style of bathroom lavatory faucet having separate spout and handles. Usually 8" from center of handle-to-handle. Some widespread faucets can be set with handles up to 12" apart.
WILD ROSE (COLOR):by Kohler - A sophisticated pink with a hint of grey tone, it is a romantic color that can add warmth to the kitchen and bathroom. Works well with most neutrals.
WITH SIDESPRAY:Kitchen sink faucet included with a separate side handspray for added utility. Sidespray can be mounted through the faucet escutcheon plate or through a separate fixture drilling (hole).
WRISTBLADE FAUCET HANDLE:ADA-compliant faucet style that can readily be used by physically challenged individuals and in hospital or commercial settings.

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