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Jason International Integrity B3660 MicroSilk by Jason International

Item # 836-128-00-201.00 Model Number: 836-128-00-201.00


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  • Jason’s hydrotherapy experts are masters at combining the art of luxurious relaxation, advanced engineering and an in-depth knowledge of the Science of Hydrotherapy. The result is unsurpassed choices for your optimum hydrotherapy experience.
  • Jason’s patented MicroSilk® system supersaturates the water with billions of tiny, oxygen-rich microbubbles through a strategically placed delivery port, increasing dissolved oxygen levels up to 70 percent higher than common tap water. As these tiny bubbles enter the bath, a dense, luxurious cloud of oxygen blankets your body, giving you a gentle, effervescent sensation while giving the water a silky texture. Released in a mist at the water’s surface are therapeutic levels of anions, known to improve serotonin levels. The MicroSilk® plumbing system is designed to ensure a complete drain after each use.
  • Includes a quiet, 120V MicroSilk® Generator
  • No Heater Necessary; Automatically maintains water temperature while your MicroSilk® bath is in operation
  • Air switch on/off control for easy fingertip operation
  • Our patented Level-Form™ base absorbs sound and vibration, provides rigid support across the entire floor of the bath, insulates against heat loss and simplifies installation
  • Easy Clean; Fully-pigmented, high gloss acrylic surface for easy care and lasting beauty
  • Optional LED Chromatherapy Light Kit; Provides an assortment of preprogrammed light shows that include color washes, cross fades and fixed colors. Estimated service life of 100,000 elapsed-time hours under normal operating conditions
  • Optional GH20 Grip Handle(s); Color Matching, Factory Installed. Provides function and safety
  • 60L x 36W x 20.5D
  • Drain Location: End
  • Safety suction fitting. ETL and IAPMO listed
  • LTL

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